Categories: FrontPage, News 2023

by Ponta Lopud


Categories: FrontPage, News 2023

by Ponta Lopud


The Ponta Lopud Festival, supported by the SFF CineLink industry platform, offers a fresh series of lectures and masterclasses this year, delivered by mentors and film industry experts who have left an indelible mark on world cinema. One of the master’s names of this year has already been revealed. It is one of the greatest filmmakers working today, Swedish director Ruben Östlund, who believes the Ponta Lopud Festival is a perfect opportunity to connect with colleagues and friends, discuss films and become inspired.


This year, whether they attend acting, directing or cinematography workshops, nineteen exceptional young film artists and masterclass attendees will be given this unique opportunity. Through a partnership with the Ponta Lopud Festival, the participation of film industry professionals and students from the region at this year’s Festival is supported by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, the Film Centre Serbia, the Film Centre of Montenegro, the North Macedonia Film Agency, the Cinematography Foundation Sarajevo and the Slovenian Film Centre.


Eight actresses and actors who have already delivered notable performances in a number of film productions will attend masterclasses for film industry professionals in the “Acting” category:

Florist Bajgora (Kosovo)

Lazar Dragojević (Montenegro)

Jurij Drevenšek (Slovenia)

Muhamed Hadžović (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Tihana Lazović (Croatia)

Milan Marić (Serbia)

Natalija Teodosijeva (North Macedonia)

Ivana Vuković (Serbia)


For the third year running, directing masterclasses will be organized on Lopud for selected directors:

Marija Apčevska (North Macedonia)

Kukla – Katarina Bogdanović (Slovenia)

Matija Gluščević (Serbia)

Juraj Lerotić (Croatia)

Ivan Salatić (Montenegro)

Norika Sefa (Kosovo)

Ena Sendijarević (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Dušan Zorić (Serbia)


The attendees of the cinematography masterclasses, successful women in that particular area of the film industry, have also been selected:

Bojana Andrić (Serbia)

Sara Bernarda Moritz (Croatia)

Gaja Naja Rojec (Slovenia)


All details about masterclass attendees at the third edition of the Ponta Lopud Festival you can find on: Masterclass Attendees 2023