Categories: News 2023

by Ponta Lopud


Categories: News 2023

by Ponta Lopud


The Ponta Lopud aims to support its participants in their professional growth in cooperation with the Lopud Foundation Artist Retreat. As part of the Lopud Foundation Artist Retreat, all directors who participated in the previous editions of the Ponta Lopud are invited to apply to work on their project (a feature film screenplay) on the island of Lopud in the spring 2024.

The cooperation between the Ponta Lopud and the Lopud Foundation Artist Retreat is one of the activities within the professional network of the festival – Ponta Lopud Network. Considering the importance of monitoring young filmmakers’ progress and creating a sense of belonging, the Ponta Lopud Network strives to support and promote its alumni in the development of their new projects and international careers throughout the year.

The Lopud Foundation Artist Retreat

“The Lopud Artist Retreat is for creative people to focus on their work in the quietness and beauty of this inspiring island while being housed in a collection of carefully restored 15th and 16th-century buildings. The invited guests range from writers, directors, producers, musicians, composers, painters, sculptors and artists in the visual arts.

There are two retreats each year. One in the spring and one in the autumn, for four weeks each. Currently, four artists will be invited to each retreat. Each retreat will have either a Croatian or someone from the region as guests.

The retreat is privileged to host Ponta Lopud participants. Also, we are excited to work with the Ponta Lopud Festival to ensure that an artist on each retreat may be an alumnus from the Ponta Lopud workshop.”

Lucien Rees Roberts, Founder of the Lopud Foundation Artist Retreat


Who can apply for the Lopud Foundation Artist Retreat

Eligible applicants for the Lopud Artist Retreat are directors who were participants in the previous editions of the Ponta Lopud and who are currently working on a new project (a feature film screenplay). The selected directors will have the opportunity to fully dedicate themselves to their new project while working daily in a serene and inspiring environment of the island of Lopud.

How to apply for the Lopud Foundation Artist Retreat

Applications for the Lopud Artist Retreat should be sent to:

The application deadline is 1 December 2023.

Please find more information in the attached document Conditions for Applying for the Lopud Artist Retreat.

The open call results

The final selection of one director for the Lopud Artist Retreat will be made based on the assessment of the quality of the project and the applicant’s motivation. A three-person  committee from the film industry will review the applications. The final decision will be announced on 22 December 2023.

The format of Lopud Foundation Artist Retreat

The Lopud Foundation Artist Retreat covers all travel, food and accommodation costs.

Accommodation is provided in a comfortable villa on the hill above the Lopud port. Photos can be found in the attachment.

The objective of the Lopud Artist Retreat is that the selected artists should be fully focused on their work and therefore private visits are not permitted.

If the collaborator’s visit is justified, the Ponta Lopud will cover travel costs and a suitable accommodation on Lopud island up to EUR 700.

Artists will have four weeks to work on their projects, from 8 May to 5 June 2024. Please note that the dates are fixed and cannot be changed.

For additional information, please contact us at: