Anja Matković



ANJA MATKOVIĆ is a Croatian actress, born in 1988 in Zagreb, where she also graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2013. Anja, a former professional alpine skier and a member of the Croatian ski team, has been acting professionally in film, television and theatre. Among others, she played in the production of “They Kill Horses, Don’t They?” at the Croatian National Theatre. She has played in the television drama series “Rest in Peace”, as well as in the crime series “The Paper”, which is shown on Netflix, “Pogrešan čovjek” (lit: The Wrong Man) and “Nestali” (lit. The Missing). She also played in Zvonko Jurić’s “The Reaper”, which was screened at the Toronto Film Festival. In 2021, she played a role in Danis Tanović’s successful film “Deset u pola” aka “Not So Friendly Neighborhood Affair“.