Ivana Zečević



IVANA ZEČEVIĆ is a Serbian actress born in 1989. Ivana attended both primary and secondary music school. In primary school she played the piano, to later focus on music production in secondary school, where she mostly devoted her time to the music. Along with regular rehearsal sessions with her band, she was active in the studio as well, so she participated in many musical projects. She got interested in acting during her second year of high school, so she decided to enrol in the acting studio “Maska”. After a few years of starring in amateur plays, she was accepted, on her second attempt, into the Belgrade Academy of Arts in 2016, in the class of professors Predrag Stojmenović and Dragana Varagić. Her first projects were music videos and student films, of which she singles out the music video for Bojana Vunturišević’s song “Noćni program”, and the student film “Prom Night”, directed by Gvozden Ilić. Her first big project was the television series “The Group”, followed by “Aleksandar od Jugoslavije”, and the latest project she worked on, the television series “No Trespassing”.