Jovana Stojiljković



JOVANA STOJILJKOVIĆ is a Serbian actress, born in Belgrade in 1992. She landed her first role, the one in the film “Clip”, while still a third-year high school student. She graduated in Acting from the Belgrade Faculty of Dramatic Arts in the class of Professor Dragan Petrović. As a student, she played the lead role in the film “Panama”, for which she received numerous awards at festivals across Serbia. She also starred in “Patria”, “The Man Who Defended Gavrilo Princip”, “Love Isn’t Always on Time”, “Stitches”, “South Wind”, in the series “Black Sun”, “Tomorrow is a New Day”, and “The Last Socialist Artefact”. She is currently filming “Crack in the Ice”, directed by Maja Miloš. Since 2016, Jovana has been a permanent member of the “Atelier 212” Theatre ensemble in Belgrade.